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Before taking the SAT and the ACT, my parents and I agreed that I needed a tutor. As we began to ask around, several people recommended Jantzi Test Prep. They have tutors available at different price ranges and I selected Mr. Jantzi.

The first session he was out of town and we tutored via face time. I was instantly impressed at his knowledge and felt better about the exams immediately. My first attempt on the SAT I scored a 1250. I felt like I would do better on the ACT so we began to prepare for that as well. After two or three sessions my score improved from a 29 to 31!
I wanted to take the ACT one last time hoping to get a 32 which would qualify me for the Palmetto fellows scholarship.

We worked together for three more sessions and he pushed me very hard. When I walked in to the testing room I was nervous but, once I began taking the test I didn't feel any anxiety at all. I surpassed my goal and got a 33! My improvement on the science section was incredible - I went from a 29 to a perfect 36.
His teaching methods are highly effective but entertaining as well. I actually enjoyed the tutoring sessions! I  recommend Jantzi Test Prep to all my friends now.

Mike Vinzani
Wando Student, Class of 2016

“I had taken an SAT prep course with another company and I hated it. I was bored out of my mind and I could not focus. After wasting much time and money, I decided to enroll with Jantzi Test Prep. I really enjoyed going to class and my scores improved by a total of 250 points! At some point, I stopped going for the help and just went because it was fun.”

Emma Rich, student
Hamburg, NY

“I can’t tell you how happy my family is that we enrolled our son Jake with Jantzi Test Prep. Before Mr. Jantzi began working with my son, he scored a total of 1520 on his SAT. After several Skype/FaceTime sessions his score improved to 1730! At the end of the day, this increase allowed my son to get into his college of choice and to receive an academic scholarship. We can’t thank you enough!”

The Warren Family
Lewiston, NY

“Tim Jantzi’s ACT/SAT in-school program is phenomenal. He knows how to integrate humor into his presentation; the kids are hanging on to his every word! Students leave enthusiastic and motivated to improve their test scores. His proven strategies and dynamic instruction have been highly effective for our pupils here at the South Carolina Governor’s School for ten years.”

Lela B. McKnight
Director of Guidance, South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities

“Before I took a prep course, my parents were worried that I would not get into a good college. After taking the Strategies for Success ACT/SAT prep course, my ACT composite score went up 5 points! Mr. Jantzi not only gave me confidence in my test-taking abilities, but he also taught me crucial strategies for taking the SAT and ACT. This was money well spent!”

Clark Spillane
Student, Mt. Pleasant, SC

“When the time comes, you will definitely see our next two children sitting in your class. Thanks for creating and presenting such a great program, one that the students enjoy and parents appreciate.”

Sue Gonzales
Parent, Mt. Pleasant SC

“This class totally rocks! It’s so much fun! It’s amazing how you can learn so much and still have a great time!”

Liz M.
Student, Tewksbury, MA

“Test preparation is a passion and art form for Mr. Jantzi. His knowledge of both the ACT and SAT are extraordinary and it is obvious he wants the students to be successful. His practical strategies for test-taking are explained so clearly, simply and memorably that students of all levels can learn and employ these strategies. I highly recommend him as a test preparation resource for students at any level taking college entrance exams. One of my students taking his ACT 4-hour workshop went from a 24 to a 29 Composite ACT. That is only one example of the success our students have seen!”

Casey Cossitt Jones
Director of Academic Counseling | Father Ryan High School
Nashville, TN

“Tim was able to build a level of trust and respect between my son and himself that saw my son push himself to an extent we never thought he was capable of. The discipline and focus that Tim instilled in him saw his ACT score increase by 5 points in three sections. He now brings this same focus and discipline to his studies in school!”

Michael Sproule 
Oakville, Ontario Canada

“In contrast to many other prep courses, Strategies For Success is relatively short in its duration and is offered at convenient times for students who are trying to juggle busy academic and extracurricular schedules. In addition, tuition for instruction and materials is less than other programs. Primarily, however, I believe it is the instructor’s engaging style of teaching and his practical approach to test taking that most impresses the students who enroll in this class.”

Larry Eckel 
Director of Guidance and Counseling | Park Tudor School
Indianapolis, IN

"I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for coming to South Caldwell High today to give your four hour prep course to our Junior class. Your presentation really meant a lot to me. I not only benefited from the motivational part, but you answered so many of my questions about the ACT. Thank you for all you do and I would totally recommend this seminar to another friend/school."

Caleb Reese
South Caldwell HS, Class of 2017

"Jantzi's class is extremely educational. I learned new tactics and methods I couldn't find elsewhere, and used them to bring up my score. At the same time, the class was very entertaining - you'll never be bored with Jantzi. Taking the course to improve your score is definitely worth it."

Brian Privett

"My daughter took the SSAT test 2 times with an average score of 60%.  Needless to say we were concerned.  We telephoned Tim Jantzi who moved heaven and earth to fit us into his schedule.  Gigi spent several evenings working with Tim.  He gave her tools to approach the test and a system to answer the questions.  This helped her go into the test more focused, confident and with a plan of attack.  We just received her latest score and we are breathing a sigh of relief.  Her score jumped to 79%! Guess who telephoned not more than 24 hours after I received our daughter's score? Tim, just to check in and see how she did.  End result - We owe him big time!"

Kelly Carr
Charleston Day School

"Amanda tutored me for the ACT and she was fantastic! She was very positive and made sure I understood, even if she had to explain many ways. Very patient! She gave me very helpful tips for the test and also helped me with time management. Would definitely recommended. Top notch!"

Shelby Aiken-Dietz
Charleston Cty. School of the Arts, Class of 2017

"I worked with Jessica at Jantzi Test Prep and was thrilled with my experience. My overall SAT test score increased 130 points after working with Jessica for just a few sessions. I strongly recommend Jantzi Test Prep for other students looking to increase their SAT test scores."

Keeghan Andrews
Wando HS, Class of 2018