study tips

When it comes to studying, perfection is overrated. Consistency, on the other hand, can yield real-world results. Adequate preparation is perhaps the most important of the many helpful ACT study skills and SAT study skills. But consistent preparation doesn’t happen unless a student is committed to putting in time and effort to improve their ACT and SAT scores. We have a few tips for boosting accountability—which, in turn, helps boost results.

Tip #1: Hire A Tutor

One of the best ways to remain accountable is to have an extra pair of eyes in the room. And while parents don’t have the time to supervise every moment of homework and study, a tutor will be able to provide that perspective with ease.

How does a hiring a private tutor increase accountability? Consider:

  • Tutors can look at a student’s performance objectively and gauge which areas need to be improved upon the most. Self-evaluations are notoriously difficult, but the real-time feedback of having a tutor in the room is invaluable.
  • Tutors with experience can provide the exact sort of study habits and methods needed to progress. A student with minimal studying experience might be able to use their time effectively, but when a tutor weighs in with tips for improvement, it can greatly increase the efficiency of every study session.

In short, hiring a tutor is one of the quickest ways to ensure that there’s accountability when it comes to a student improving their ACT/SAT scores. And while there are affordable tutors for hire from Jantzi, there are additional ways in which accountability can be improved.

Tip #2: Commit To A Test Preparation Course

It’s not enough to study and hope for the best. Having some objective goals and a studying routine can ensure that preparation is indeed taking place. One of the fastest ways to do that? Enlisting the help of an ACT/SAT Prep Course.

Why is this so effective? For starters, a prep course gives the student somewhere to be on a regular basis. This ensures that they’re remaining accountable to a schedule. Either they attend or they don’t attend—it’s not hard to see whether they’re putting in the necessary hours for improvement.

Test preparation courses can also provide a bit of their own boost to student accountability. For example, our own ACT/SAT Prep Course comes with the Jantzi Guarantee. All a student has to do is complete the required work. The course is designed to measurably improve ACT and SAT study skills, leading to higher scores. If a student doesn’t improve their score on the big test, then Jantzi offers a full refund. That guarantee isn’t just for student accountability—it’s to help keep the course itself as accountable to real-world results as possible.

Tip #3: Take Action

These are great ideas—but without implementation, they’re useless. It’s not enough to simply review notes and hope for the best. Both SAT and ACT study skills are built on accountability and consistency. Accountability starts with bringing in the experts.

That’s where we come in. Register for an ACT/SAT Prep Course with Jantzi today and learn what it takes to improve at the ACT or SAT.  We’ll help your student boost accountability and consistency, ensuring a better result on that next test.