If one change in attitude or one simple tweak in daily habits could affect your ability to study, what would it be? We have a suggestion: Study as if you’re going to teach the material. This single habit can both the way you or the student in your life approaches testing and just might be the best way to study for the SAT.  Rather than viewing college entrance exams as intimidating milestones, a quality SAT prep course can make a student feel like an “expert” before they even sit down to fill out the answers. How is that possible? We have a few ideas.

Sharpening Skills And Confidence

The idea of “studying as if you’re going to teach the material” sounds good—but what does it mean, exactly? At Jantzi Test Prep, it means that it’s important to strengthen skills as well as confidence. Skills and memory are important for any test—but the ability to confidently move through a test with the right tactics and strategies to succeed can be even more vital to a student’s success. That means that it’s important to learn two things:

  • The proper knowledge and skills for the test. There’s no doubt here. To master the SATs, the student in your life is going to have to know a thing or two about what to expect from the test itself. An SAT prep course specifically targeted to offer that kind of knowledge is invaluable when it comes to the nuts and bolts of test-taking.
  • The talent of test-taking. Ever wonder why some students seem to be natural test-takers than others? It’s because some students approach each exam with the right set of tools for test-taking itself. Even if they’re not familiar with the material, they use strategies like deduction and elimination to ensure that they arrive at the correct answer.

The best way to study for the SAT combines both skills and confidence. It isn’t easy—but with dedicated preparation for college entrance exams, it’s certainly possible.

How To Study Like a Teacher

Signing up for private tutoring will provide the student in your life with the unique insights they need to “think like a teacher.” Additionally, having a one-on-one interaction allows the student to study as if they’re going to teach the material—because they have a person to bounce ideas with. That relationship is vital for building up both skills and confidence.

What if you can’t afford a tutor for your student? There are plenty of ways to make SAT preparation work within your budget. You can opt for the “Specialist” level tutor at the rate of only $50 per hour, or you can instead head to the SAT prep course page and select the 4-hour option.

The best way to study for the SAT means preparing for all aspects of the test. A proper SAT prep class isn’t only about book knowledge. It’s also about simulating the entrance exam environment—about practicing for the real thing. That’s what instills confidence in students, and that’s why we offer a guarantee on all of our entrance preparation services here at Jantzi Test Prep.