Many student-athletes hope to go to a Division I school on a full-ride athletic scholarship. While this is the dream for many students, they may want to reconsider their goals. A Division III school may be able to offer just as much to the athletes that enroll with them. 

You could live the dream of competing while still attending school for little out-of-pocket cost. Can D3 schools give athletic scholarships to student-athletes, and are they worth your time? Learn more about what to expect from the recruiting process here. 

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Do D3 Schools Give Athletic Scholarships? 

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not favorable. Division III schools, of which there are more than 400, do not offer this type of scholarship to their players. These schools simply do not have the option to provide athletic scholarships for their student-athletes to compete at the college level.  

However, that does not mean that you should dismiss a D3 school automatically.  

While these schools do not offer athletic scholarships, their administration often makes up for it in other ways. Other types of scholarships and grants are often plentiful as D3 schools are typically private colleges. 

If you are a student-athlete who keeps up with the academic side of things, you may even qualify for a merit-based scholarship to help cover the cost of your tuition. 

Need-based financial aid is also available to help supplement a scholarship package. Coaches may be able to help student-athletes navigate the waters of need-based aid to encourage them to come to the athletic program. 

Athletic scholarships may not be an option for a Division III school. Despite this, a D3 school can still be a great option to further your education with minimal cost to your college fund.  

More than Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to the scholarship and financial aid opportunities you might encounter at a D3 school, many student-athletes are surprised by how much they enjoy the less competitive setting of these schools. They find that they have more time to devote to their studies, friendships, and getting the full college experience. 

Another benefit of choosing to go with a D3 school is the amount of playtime you are likely to receive. Because things are a bit less competitive at this lower level, coaches are more willing to play athletes who may not have gotten a chance to get off the bench at a D1 or D2 school. 

Keep an Open Mind

While it may be your dream to attend a Division I school on a full-ride scholarship, don’t write off that D3 school that is pursuing you just yet. It’s often worth it to hear what they can offer you regarding merit-based scholarships and need-based financial aid. You might get:

  • A competitive financial aid package
  • A better balance between school, sports, and your everyday life
  • More playtime and time for competition

Keep an open mind when it comes to considering these D3 schools, and you might just be surprised by how much you will enjoy your four years!  

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