Whether you’re an incoming college freshman or a currently enrolled student, selecting a major can feel daunting. This decision dictates your career path, so by the time you graduate, you want to feel confident in what you’ve opted to study! Use these tips on how to choose a college major to assist you with this process.

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Tips for Freshman

If you’re a freshman college student, consider the following advice when selecting your major:

Don’t Stress

College students usually switch their major at least twice before they graduate. That said, don’t stress too hard over this decision at the beginning of your college career. What you choose now isn’t what you have to be stuck with forever.

Look to Your Hobbies

Next, consider what you’re passionate about outside of school. If you enjoy babysitting, perhaps education could be a great major choice. Or, if you love sports, you could consider a sports marketing major. You want to select something that aligns with your personality!

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

If, for instance, you love gaming but struggle with coding, a computer science major may not be right for you. You need to know what you really thrive at, whether it be math, writing, science, or something else to ensure you can stick with your major.

Tips for Currently Enrolled Students

Are you a sophomore or junior looking to change your major? There’s still time for you to switch. To make a smart major change, use the following advice:

Think About Your Previous Classes

Throughout your college career, what classes have really spoken to? Which ones have you excelled in? Alternatively, what classes have you struggled with and disliked? The answers to these questions can help you to select the right major.

Consider What’s Shaped You

What has changed about you since you’ve been in college? Your views and experiences are likely much different than they were when you were a freshman. Be sure to select a major that better aligns with your current perspectives and interests.

Consider Your Class Credits

You don’t want all of your class credits from your former major to get thrown completely out the window, especially if you’re a junior. Consider looking at majors that preserve as many credits as you can to narrow down your list of options.

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