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  • 12 Hour Comprehensive Course That Sharpens Skills & Confidence
  • Unlimited Free Repeats
  • 100% Moneyback Score Improvement Guarantee

Leading Test Prep Course

Since 1987, Jantzi Test Prep has successfully prepared tens of thousands of students. We have over 30 years of experience, expert teachers, and competitive prices. Register now!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are so sure that this course will work for you, that we guarantee a score improvement or 100% money back. What could be more fair than that?

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Help Your Child

There is no quicker or less expensive way to boost scores. On top of that, your child will actually enjoy going to the classes.

No More Fights Over Exam Scores

You want higher scores, and your child wants the nagging to stop. Our instructors succeed when everything else has failed.

Discounts Applicable Only to 12 Hour Course.

Friends Discount

When two or more students (including siblings) register for the same scheduled course, each student receives a $100 discount. Code: 4FRIENDS

Sibling Discount

If you've paid for one sibling's tuition in the past, you receive a $100 discount when you register another sibling for a future course. Code: 4SIBLING

Educator Discount

School counselors, teachers, and administrators, coaches, and youth pastors receive a $100 discount when registering their child for the course. Code: 4EDUCATOR

Corporate Discount

If your company agrees to post our services on the benefit page at your company, each employee will receive a $100 discount toward the prep course. Code: 4CORPORATE

Military Discount

Active and retired military receive a $100 discount when registering their child for the course. Code: 4MILITARY

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