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STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS, 4 hour test prep course.

Course Location: St. Francis High School

Buffalo, NY Test Prep Courses 

How many times have you heard the student in your life say they don’t feel ready for the SAT or ACT? It’s time to put an end to their frustration and give your student the support that they need.

For over 30 years, Jantzi Test Prep has helped students like yours get ready for these big exams. Our methods have been proven to enhance students’ test scores with exceptional results.

  • 4 hours of content to sharpen your student’s knowledge, increase their confidence, and build improved test-taking skills.
  • A course conveniently located near your Buffalo, NY home usually taught on weekends.
  • Tim Jantzi is an incredible motivator and will help your child believe in themselves again.

There’s no challenge our expert tutors aren’t prepared to help you with. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge, our tutors will help guide your student in the right direction. Your student will develop powerful test-taking skills to help them prepare for college entrance exams and learn study techniques that will last throughout their college career and beyond.

Course registration is simple, and each 4 hour course is designed to help your student better digest the lessons. By the end of the test prep course, your student will feel confident that they’ll top their score.

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