Digital SAT Practice and Preparation

Taking the SAT digitally is a great way to complete this essential exam using your own approved device or one of your school’s devices. 

Want to make sure you’re following all the guidelines and setting yourself up for success with your digital SAT? Read on to learn more about how to prepare and what materials you should bring to your exam. 

Understanding Updates to the SAT in Digital Format

Soon, the digital test will be the standardized format: The College Board transitioned all PSAT assessments and international SAT administrations to digital testing beginning in the Fall of 2023. Starting in Spring 2024, all students will take the SAT digitally.

However, just because the SAT is going digital doesn’t mean that the rules will change dramatically.

A neutral testing situation is essential when it comes to the SAT, as the College Board must ensure that every student taking this test is given the chance to sit for the exam free of distractions. Plus, for the digital SAT, test proctors must be extra careful to make sure no cheating or unfair advantages are taking place. 

A Checklist for Preparing for the Digital SAT

If you want to feel fully prepared before you take the digital SAT, it’s important to start your preparations early. Signing up for classes with a reputable test prep company can help you familiarize yourself with the SAT format and content. 

Another tip is when you’re studying by yourself between group sessions, do your best to minimize distractions and focus on small amounts of material at a time. Overwhelming yourself will only harm your studying efforts.

As you’re taking classes, don’t hesitate to sign up for the PSAT! This practice test will give you invaluable test-taking experience that you can apply to the official digital SAT. 

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the Digital SAT format.

Go to the College Board website to find out how the digital test will look. One difference is that you will be able to flag the questions to come back to. 

Step 2: Check where you can take the Digital SAT.

Check the College Board website to see where the test centers are located. 

Step 3: Register for the Digital SAT.

Go to the College Board website to register. 

Step 4: Download Bluebook.

This is the application you will use to take the digital SAT.

Step 5: Practice for the test.

The College Board provides a test day guidebook for each year, including what to bring and how to prepare, but you should also join courses or reach out to a tutor to optimize your score.

A Checklist for What to Bring to My Digital SAT

Digital SAT Practice and Preparation

Due to the digital nature of the exam, the most important material you’ll need to bring to your digital SAT is a fully charged laptop or tablet that has been approved for the exam. Make sure you test it thoroughly beforehand to ensure it doesn’t crash or freeze when you need it the most.

Besides that, here’s what you should bring to the digital SAT:

  • Admission ticket
  • Current photo ID
  • Pencils for scratch work (you cannot bring paper into the room, but it can be provided upon request)
  • Approved calculator (Bluebook, the software used to take the digital SAT, also has an embedded calculator for graphing) 

Once you have the essentials for the actual test, consider bringing the following:

  • Any necessary medical equipment like inhalers or EpiPens — make sure they’re pre-approved and in a clear bag for storage 
  • A watch without an alarm or online connectivity to check the time
  • A charging cable for your device
  • Snacks or a drink for the break. 

If you have any questions about other items you may want to bring, make sure to ask your proctor in advance if you can.

Get Ready for the Digital SAT With Jantzi

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