Digital SAT Test Prep

In today’s world, many of the most standardized exams from high school to post-college level are available in a digital format. The SAT is one of these exams — as of 2024 the SAT will only be available to take online. 

How to Prepare to Take the SAT Online

You may be wondering if the preparation for the online SAT looks different from the old process of taking the test in person. While the tests themselves are very similar and will focus on the application of the same types of skills, taking the digital SAT is a slightly different experience than taking the SAT on paper as we move into 2024.

When taking the digital SAT, you should prepare yourself with the same amount of diligence you would give to the old SAT format. Here are a few helpful tips to prepare for this important exam. 

Start Early With Online Test Prep

As soon as you have your digital SAT date set, get started with your test preparation. Plan out a study timeline to make sure you spend enough time on each subject. Find and install any online practice test materials you might be using during the weeks leading up to your test date. 

During this time, your Jantzi tutor will help you to design the optimal timeline for studying. They’ll be able to create a customized plan based on which subjects you feel more or less comfortable with. 

Additionally, they will have extensive experience preparing students for the specific demands of the digital SAT, which will make achieving a high score even easier. 

Take a Practice Test Two Weeks Before

Digital SAT Test Prep

Taking practice exams too early in your digital SAT prep can be a waste of valuable study time if you are not familiar with the subjects. Wait until you are two weeks out from your exam date to take a practice test. Once you do take a practice exam, however, make sure it’s a full-length mock exam that is as similar to the real digital SAT as possible. 

The results of this practice test will give you an accurate picture of what your strengths are with the contents of the SAT and what sections need more attention during your study time. 

Complete Your Exam Setup Five Days Early

In order to take the digital SAT, you’ll have to complete the online exam setup process. This step must be completed on the device you’ll be using to take the digital SAT, which will be either an approved personal laptop or tablet or a school-managed device of the same type. You can only print your admission ticket once you’ve completed this step. 

Check Your Admission Ticket for Arrival Time

Your arrival time will be printed on your admission ticket. Make sure to check it closely and get to your testing site at least 30 minutes early. 

Get the Score You’re Looking for With Jantzi

The right SAT score can make a huge difference for college applicants. Ensure an above-average score with Jantzi test prep. We can help you prepare with SAT tutoring or SAT courses when available.