The Math section of the SAT is the longest portion of the exam—it requires you to complete 58 multiple-choice questions in 80 minutes. One of the concepts you’ll be tested on during this time is geometry. To prepare, view these essential SAT geometry question tips to help you ace the Math section.

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Structure of the Math Section

Here is everything you need to know about the structure of the Math portion of the SAT:

  • It is broken up into a calculator section and a non-calculator section.
  • The calculator section is 55 minutes and made up of 38 questions.
  • The non-calculator section is 25 minutes and made up of 20 questions.
  • You’ll be given a formula sheet for both portions of the Math section.
  • The formula sheet consists of all geometric formulas.
  • There are only about six to seven geometry questions on the exam.
  • There are no proofs on the exam.

Know Geometry Rules

Although you’ll be given geometric formulas, that will not be enough to answer the geometry questions correctly. Be sure you have a strong grasp on the following geometry rules:

  • Special right triangles
  • Triangle congruence theorems
  • The Pythagorean theorem
  • Inscribed angle theorem
  • Circle ratios (arcs, sectors, and central angles)

Find the Missing Information

The goal of the SAT geometry questions is to test your ability to find missing information. To do this, start by identifying information that is apparent, and use it to uncover other information about the figure. This is where knowing general rules of geometry—not just formulas—is key.

Draw Figures

If you’re not given a figure, draw one! We can’t stress this enough. Having a visual makes solving geometry problems so much simpler. Use the question to create your figure, labeling all of the information that you know. Then, you can get to work solving the missing pieces.

Identify Hidden Triangles

Now that you have a figure, one of the best things you can do is identify hidden triangles within it. Although at first they may not seem to be part of the question, triangles provide tons of information that will help you uncover more information about the figure.

What Rules Apply?

When you get stuck, take a step back and see what other shapes you can identify in the figure. If you see something that can be built upon, run through the rules that apply to the new shape, and give them a try. Taking these problems one piece at a time will help lead you to the solution.

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