The decision to go to graduate school is not one that is made lightly. Since you’ll be dedicating extra time and money to your continued studies, it’s important to feel confident that the school you attend is the best fit. Here, we’ll help you determine how to find the right grad school for your needs.

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Cost is Critical

A huge factor for many students in determining which grad school is right for them is tuition costs. It’s likely that you already have outstanding student loans from your undergraduate education, so you want to make sure the schools you’re looking at are within reach financially. If someone is helping you with the cost, sit down with them to discuss what’s affordable. If you’re handling payment on your own, it’s still worthwhile to talk with someone you trust or a financial advisor to ensure you remain on track financially.

Identify the Degree you Want to Pursue

Unlike with choosing an undergraduate school, it’s important to already know the degree you want to pursue. This simple step alone will significantly narrow down your graduate school options, because you’ll only want to apply to those who offer the program you’re interested in.

How Reputable is the School’s Program?

After you’ve identified some schools that offer the program you’re interested in, one way you can narrow down your options even further is by researching how reputable or esteemed the school’s program is. For instance, some schools are nationally recognized for their engineering, architecture, or arts programs. If you can get into a school that’s well known for the program you’re pursuing, it will look great on your resume once you graduate.

How Important is Location?

It’s also a good idea to consider how important location is when it comes to your graduate school search, as this can help narrow down your choices even further. Perhaps you went to undergraduate school far away from home, and now you’d like to stay nearby. Maybe you have a job you’d like to keep while pursuing your Master’s, you’re ready to move elsewhere, have specific regions you don’t like, or maybe you have no preference on location at all. Whatever the case, this factor can significantly influence your decision.

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