For many, gaining a scholarship is necessary to attend the college you desire. Furthering your education can be a financial burden, but a great scholarship can significantly alleviate that stress. Here, we’ll explain how to get scholarships for college so you can reap some serious savings.

It’s important to have phenomenal test scores on the SAT and ACT to receive top scholarships. Work with a professional tutor from Jantzi Test Prep to ace these exams!

Improve Your GPA

It’s no secret that many college scholarships are academically-based. That said, if you have time, make a great attempt at improving your GPA. Take on any extra credit work and dedicate more effort to your studies during the remainder of your time in high school.

Get Phenomenal SAT & ACT Test Scores

Many scholarships also consider your SAT and ACT test scores. Doing well on these exams benefits you doubly. A great score can help you land an outstanding scholarship as well as acceptance into the college of your dreams. Ace these two exams, and so many doors will open for you.

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Check In-State Scholarships

If you’re hoping to go to school in your state, we recommend taking a look at what kind of scholarships your state offers. States often provide some of the best financial help you can find. Review the requirements for receiving in-state tuition and ensure you meet them before you apply.

Check Out-of-State Scholarships

If you’re hoping to go to school outside of your state, financial help is still available. Many schools offer out-of-state tuition to increase the diversity of their student pool. A quick internet search for “out-of-state college scholarships” will provide you a list of schools that offer financial assistance. As long as you meet the requirements of the scholarship, you’ll be eligible.

Research Various Types of Scholarships

Not all scholarships are merit-based. In fact, there are scholarships that take all sorts of factors into account. For instance, just to name a few, you can also earn scholarships for the following:

  • Athletics
  • Winning a scholarship’s essay or video contest
  • Being of particular descent
  • Being a first-generation college attendee
  • Working a full- or part-time job
  • The degree you choose to pursue

Apply to Multiple Scholarships

In many cases, it’s possible to receive more than one scholarship. If you’re eligible for a few different options, be sure to apply to each. Not only will this look great on your resume down the line, but it will be a huge help in terms of your finances.

Work with Jantzi Test Prep

It’s important to know how to get scholarships for college. However, the only way to get receive the scholarships you’re after is by submitting an outstanding application with impressive test scores. That’s why you should work with an online tutor from Jantzi Test Prep. Our experienced tutors will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to feel confident about taking the SAT and ACT. We look forward to helping you earn a fantastic score!