Many students struggle academically all over the world, but this doesn’t have to mean you cannot fulfill your dream of attending college. Getting accepted to college with a low GPA is entirely doable with the right attitude and knowledge. There are plenty of alternative ways to show off your academic potential and have a successful interview or application process. The sooner you are aware that your GPA will not reflect your passion, the easier it will be to overcome. But that doesn’t mean that if you graduated from high school before realizing the issue will impact your life, that you have no options and will never receive a higher education.  

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can attend a college despite the GPA issues, and graduate with your chosen degree. 

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Achieve Incredible SAT and ACT Results

There are more ways to showcase your abilities than GPA alone. One of those ways is to achieve an incredible SAT or ACT result. This involves studying, and perhaps even retaking the test until you can present a score that proves you are capable of studying, and passing tests when given the opportunity. The average SAT score is 1051 and the average ACT score is 21. Most prestigious colleges expect an ACT of 33-35 and an SAT of above 1400. 

If you struggled with a particular subject which skewed your GPA results, consider taking the AP or SAT II in that subject area. With the correct guidance and expert help, you can achieve a score that will prove your capabilities. Jantzi offers such help and you can apply here. 

To find out what score your dream college requires, go to BigFutureCollegeBoard to review information from every college in the US. 

Explain Your Low GPA

Instead of running from the issue–and hoping that the person making decisions about who will or will not be allowed to attend their college–face it up front and personal. Writing a letter explaining how a low GPA happened, and what you will do to improve the situation going forward, shows incredible maturity and ability to make informed decisions about your academic career. 

Many teenagers across the US have external problems stopping them from achieving their goals. Perhaps an economically struggling family that required your help, unfavorable circumstances in the school you attended, or learning disabilities. Do your research and understand the issue that put you in this situation to begin with; as no one who truly wants to study and do well stumbles into a bad GPA on purpose. Stress from accentuating circumstances impacts all of us, even the most seasoned professionals. So, write to the college in your application:

  • Write clearly with good grammar 
  • Explain external situations
  • Take personal responsibility
  • Provide solutions
  • And express your excitement for continuing your education with them. 

Turn to Professionals in Your Life 

No one achieves their dreams alone. Take note of the teachers, Drs, psychologists, family friends, and school counselors in your life who can help to explain the low GPA and write you a glowing report. Turning to them for help will not only boost your confidence but show the admissions panel that others in your life view you as capable of attending their college and sticking it out until you receive the degree you are aiming for. 

Most colleges will ask for at least two letters of recommendation from teachers. If you don’t have a good rapport with your teachers and have yet to graduate, now is the time to connect with them, let them know what is going on, and ask how you can improve with their help. However, if you have already graduated, a kind email explaining the situation, and thanking them for taking their time to write a letter of recommendation and for teaching you throughout the year, will help bolster your application. 

Impress With Your Essays

Within a lot of applications an essay is required to showcase your ability for critical thinking and expertise with the written language. If your GPA is low due to family circumstances, stress or death, it is imperative that you carve out time to write an incredible essay. But perhaps you have a learning disability of some kind, or your written word is not as strong as other areas. This is where asking for help with your essays is important. Reach out to a teacher in your life who is willing to mark, and provide feedback on your essay. 

Failing that, there are a lot of online resources and experts who can help you perfect your essay. Places such as and provide you with an array of experts who grade essays for a living. You can also use things like Grammarly or ProWritingAid to assess your writing and strengthen it for free. 

Alternative Paths to Your Dream Career 

Consider entering your dream career from a different angle. Some colleges provide readiness classes and remedial courses that allow you to show that you can handle the workload and achieve the grades required. 

You can also apply for a community or branch college. This option doesn’t shut you off from the college of your choice, in fact, you can attend community college and improve your GPA with basic classes. From there, you can transfer your credits, and show off your improved GPA to the college of your dreams–where you can attend the subject oriented classes for your degree of choice. 

Finally, perhaps you can become an intern for a company in the field you wish to enter. If you are unable to improve your GPA, or study skills–due to financial hardships or external circumstances that will not resolve soon–this is an excellent choice for you. Not only will you get hands-on experience that others in college will not, and bolster your resume, you will show your future college that you are serious about your career path. 

Work With a Jantzi Test Prep Tutor

If you’d like professional assistance studying for the SAT or ACT, work with a certified tutor from Jantzi Test Prep. Schedule a tutoring session today!