Many colleges require students to take the ACT for admissions. But what is a “good” ACT score in 2021? Understanding how ACT scoring works and some statistics about this exam can help you determine a solid score to try to earn.

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ACT Scoring

To get an idea of the grade you should aim for, it helps to understand how the ACT is scored:

  • The sections of the test include English, Reading, Math, and Science.
  • You receive a score for every section of the test.
  • You gain a point for every question you answer correctly.
  • There are no deductions for incorrect answers.
  • The total number of questions you get right in each test section is your raw score.
  • Your raw scores are then converted into scale scores.
  • Your composite score is your overall ACT score. It’s the average of your scale scores from each section.
  • You can receive a composite score from 1 – 36.

ACT Scoring Example

Your raw score is converted to a scale score using a conversion grid. However, the conversion grid changes each year. Here’s an example:

Scale ScoreEnglish Raw ScoreMath Raw ScoreReading Raw ScoreScience Raw Score

ACT Scoring Statistics

A great way to gauge what test score to aim for is to look at previous ACT scoring results. Data gathered from all test scores reported from 2020 to 2021 include the following averages:

  • Composite score: 20.7
  • English scale score: 20.1
  • Reading scale score: 21.2
  • Math scale score: 20.4
  • Science scale score: 20.6

These are considered “good” scores. Anything above would be considered “great,” and lower scores are “below average.”

Check Colleges’ Required ACT Scores

You should also check ACT score requirements for each college you’re applying to. Their minimum requirement is likely considered a good score. However, to really stand out, you should attempt to get a grade above their minimum requirement.

Another smart idea is to find the highest ACT score required out of all of the colleges you’re applying to. Try to exceed this score to ensure you meet and exceed the grading requirement for each university!

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