GRE From Home: The Requirements for 2024

If graduate school is in your plans, you probably know how important your GRE score is for your application prospects. In 2020, the GRE became available in an at-home format for the first time due to the restrictions of the pandemic. 

Even though most testing centers have long since reopened in 2024, some grad school applicants are still opting to take the GRE from home via the online test. What are the requirements for taking the GRE at home in 2024? 

Who Can Take the GRE at Home?

The at-home GRE option is available to everyone. However, the Educational Testing Service (or ETS) still needs to be able to guarantee that no one’s GRE has been tampered with and no test taker has access to resources they wouldn’t have in person. 

This means that in order to take the GRE at home and have it count, you’ll need some specific equipment. 

Requirements for the At-Home GRE

GRE From Home: The Requirements for 2024

Just because you’re taking the GRE at home doesn’t mean you won’t be supervised. A trained proctor is assigned to each remote GRE taker, which means you’ll need a functional webcam on your computer to meet the requirements. You’ll need to take the test in a quiet room where you’ll be undisturbed, and your ears must be visible. 

At-home GRE takers may not use scratch paper but instead must use a whiteboard or plastic sheet protector with a dry-erase marker and eraser. You must download a special test-taking internet browser that prevents you from opening other tabs during the test. You will be required to show a form of ID to your proctor. 

Even though you’re taking your test at home and not in a testing center, you must comply with the typical rules of the GRE regarding food and drink. No beverages or snacks are allowed during the test, but you may have them ready for the break. The test must be taken at a desk and may not be taken while seated on a couch, bed, armchair, or floor. 

Pros and Cons of Taking the GRE From Home

If the only way you can take the GRE is from home, the remote option is likely very helpful for your grad school goals. However, if you don’t have to take the GRE at home, should you? 

When you sit for the GRE remotely, you don’t have to worry about finding a date at a nearby testing center, which can be difficult with busy schedules. Additionally, most people feel more comfortable at home than they do at an unfamiliar testing facility, and that could improve your scores on the test. 

If you feel that taking the test from home might distract you or you don’t have a quiet, secluded place at home to take it, you should sign up for a date at a local testing center. 

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