Understanding the structure and testable information on the GRE is imperative for achieving a great score. That’s why we’ve created this GRE test sections breakdown. We’ll dive into everything you need to know about each section so that you’re fully prepared.

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Analytical Writing Section

Within this section, you’ll have one hour to complete two writing tasks:

“Analyze an Argument” Task (30-minutes)

The goal of this writing assignment is to test your ability to understand, evaluate, and analyze an argument using given instructions through a clearly written evaluation. You will be given a passage that makes a case for a certain interpretation of events or course of action. Your job is to discuss the logical soundness of the argument by critically examining the author’s use of evidence and reasoning.

“Analyze an Issue” Task (30-minutes)

The goal of this writing assignment is to gauge your ability to think critically about a given topic of interest and clearly express your thoughts through your writing. You will be presented with a claim that can be seen from many different perspectives and applied to a variety of situations. You’ll be responsible for concisely explaining and defending your case for your unique perspective.

Quantitative Reasoning Section

This portion of the test consists of two sections. Each section contains 20 questions and lasts 35-minutes. The goal of the quantitative reasoning section is to test your basic math skills, understanding of mathematical concepts, and ability to reason quantitatively to model and solve problems.

The questions will be a mix of basic mathematical problems and “real world” problems that need to be translated into mathematical terms. The primary areas of mathematics you’ll need to be familiar with include:

  • Algebra
  • Arithmetic
  • Data analysis
  • Geometry

Verbal Reasoning Section

This portion of the test consists of two sections. Each section contains approximately 20 questions and lasts 30-minutes:

  • One section will solely test your ability to read a passage and select correct answers based on the text.
  • The other section will require you to read, interpret, and then complete either existing sentences, paragraphs, or groups of sentences.

In general, the three types of verbal reasoning questions you’ll encounter are reading comprehension, sentence equivalence, and text completion.

Research or Unscored Section

This is an ungraded portion of the test. It will be either an unidentified Quantitative Reasoning test or an unidentified Verbal Reasoning test. Note that it can appear in any order after the Analytical Writing Section.

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