As a student, you’ve probably endured many discussions about grades, where yours are at, and whether they need to be better. If you’ve ever wondered the importance of getting good grades in high school, you’re not alone. Good grades can do more than get you into a competitive college; check out these top 5 reasons you need good grades.

The Importance of Getting Good Grades

  1. You’ll Be More Attractive to Better Colleges

Is your dream to get into a top-tier college? Maybe you’d like to earn admission to the Ivy League or a military service academy. If so, you need grades that are above average — sometimes way above average.

If you’re applying to a middle-tier school, grades still matter! There are limited seats, especially for the more popular academic programs. It never hurts to have your grades in order. It could be the competitive edge you need to get that admissions letter.

  1. Entry-Level Employers Care About Grades

When you apply for jobs as a student or a recent graduate, you may not have much experience to show potential employers. What you can offer is proof of your good academic performance.

Many employers care about your GPA. Even if they don’t ask for it specifically, it can help to include your grade point average on your resume. This tells them you are more likely to be self-disciplined, focused, and able to set goals and meet deadlines.

  1. Qualify for More Scholarships

Good grades earn scholarships. There are thousands of scholarships available for students based on their academic performance, interests, athletic abilities, future plans, and more. 

Not every scholarship application asks about your grades, but many of them will. If your GPA is high, you’ll have a much better chance of earning valuable scholarship funds.

  1. Grades Lead to Privileges

You don’t have to wait to apply to colleges or jobs to enjoy the benefits of good grades. There’s a good chance your school is already awarding students who study hard. Here are just a few perks your school might offer:

  • Membership in exclusive clubs or societies
  • The ability to opt-out of final exams
  • Opportunities to attend special events or field trips
  • Dual college enrollment
  • Work-study programs

Ask your guidance counselor if there are merit-based privileges for students who have excellent grades.

  1. High Grades Mean Low Stress

There’s no doubt you have to work hard and study to earn good grades. However, once you’ve established an excellent GPA, you have some room to breathe. 

Imagine your grades are just average and you blow an assignment. That makes a big impact and is something you’ll struggle to overcome. Now, imagine you’ve earned excellent grades. That blown assignment isn’t going to sink your GPA. Instead, you just shake it off and continue to do well on future assignments.

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