High school students work daily to earn good grades so they can achieve a top-tier GPA. They also receive consistent messaging from their teachers and parents about the importance of their grades. 

Most students take the SAT just once or twice. They may not even begin thinking about that test until the 10th grade.

As a result, students and parents often assume that their GPA is always more important than their SAT scores. Unfortunately, this is the wrong approach. The truth is that students who want to get into competitive universities need to view their SAT scores as equally important to their GPA.

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Exactly How Important Is a Student’s GPA?

Before we address why the SAT takes the lead, let’s clarify that GPA is still very important. This score reflects a student’s effort, work ethic, and mastery of certain subjects. 

Students must also maintain a certain GPA to be eligible to participate in activities that help them to become well-rounded college applicants. 

Lastly, if a university has established a minimum GPA for admission, it’s important to meet that threshold. 

Why Does the SAT Carry Weight?

GPA is subjective. Some teachers are more lenient when they grade students. Others are more demanding. Classes also vary from one school to another. 

For example, an AP Chemistry course may be exceptionally hard at one school, making the weighted GPA justified. At another school, it may be an “easy A”. 

SAT scores may be more important than GPA because they are designed to be a more objective measurement. It’s a universal test that is the same for every person that takes it. It holds all students to the same standards.

SAT Score Is a Better Predictor of Student Success

Not every school publishes a minimum SAT score for admission. However, students shouldn’t assume that this means that SAT scores don’t matter. 

If you do a bit of research, you can often find the average SAT score for most competitive schools. You should plan to try to match or beat that average if you want to receive a letter of acceptance. Even if they don’t advertise it, you can bet that every school you apply to has a minimum standard.

Universities track details about the students they admit. They look for common characteristics among students who succeed, as well as characteristics of those who struggle. One of the factors they consider is the average SAT scores of students. They use this information to set admissions standards for upcoming classes.

Schools Use SAT Scores to Earn Prestige Points

Some schools value high SAT scores because it adds to their prestige. When a college or university can say that their students have an average SAT score of 1400 or higher, it tends to attract even more excellent students to the organization. It can also draw positive attention from donors and alumni.

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