The GRE is one of the most important tests you’ll ever take, so it’s likely that you’ve adamantly prepared. After studying for a few months leading up to the exam, you should be good to go—but that doesn’t always get rid of your pre-test jitters! Explore our last-minute GRE tips on how to prepare the night before so you can wake up on test day feeling fully ready to nail the exam.

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Don’t Cram New Topics

On the night before the exam, don’t continue teaching yourself new concepts—this will only cause you more stress. Instead, trust your studies. If you’ve put in the time and work in the months leading up to the GRE, you should be confident that you’ve covered all of the most important topics you need to know.

Re-Test Your Weaknesses                                

If there are certain areas where you struggle a little more than others, re-test these concepts. As you perfect these weaknesses the evening before the exam, you’ll feel much better when you face them during the real test. Putting in extra work on trouble spots will only bring you further success.

Read Over Concepts

If you’ve made a cheat sheet or have a general outline of notes, the evening prior to the GRE is a great time to review them. This does not mean that you should re-test every single concept—you don’t want to burn yourself out. Instead, a quick read over important topics will help prime your brain to keep in mind the items you need to know on the day of the test.

Review the Test Format

It’s important that you know the exact makeup of the test so no surprises are coming your way. For reference, the GRE format contains the following:

  • An Analytical Writing Assessment comprised of two essay questions. Each essay takes 30 minutes to complete.
  • A Verbal Ability Section* comprised of 20 questions. This takes 30 minutes to complete.
  • A break of 10-minutes.
  • A Quantitative Ability Section* comprised of 20 questions. This takes 35 minutes to complete.
  • An Unscored Research Section. This will either be another Verbal Ability test or a Quantitative Ability test. It will be comprised of 20 questions and takes 30 or 35 minutes to complete. This section DOES NOT contribute to your test score.

*Note that the order of the Verbal Ability Section and the Quantitative Ability Section varies at random.

Don’t Overdo It

Allow yourself two hours maximum to study the evening before the GRE. You don’t want to overdo it before you make it to test day. Keep it light, going over the topics that you need more practice on, then call it a night.

Make Sure to Unwind

Although the test may be the only thing on your mind the night before, it’s important not to stress too much. Engage in an activity that helps you unwind and put your mind at ease, such as stretching, reading, or watching your TV show of choice.

Get 8-Hours of Sleep

Finally, it’s important to be well-rested prior to the exam. The last thing you want is to feel groggy going into the test. Ensure that you get in the recommended 8-hours of sleep so your brain is ready to get to work!

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