Have you selected a college major yet? Are you okay with that choice or a bit worried you’ll be taking on something too challenging? Fortunately, most people can succeed if they study hard and dedicate enough time. It’s mostly a matter of being prepared and making smart choices.

To help you with that, here’s a list of the 5 most difficult college majors, followed by some useful tips to get prepared.

  1. Architecture

There is much more to architecture than designing structures. Architects must understand physics, materials science, art history, city planning, and more. As a student of architecture, you can expect to spend well over 20 hours each week studying. 

  1. Aeronautical or Astronautical Engineering

Have you ever wanted to take part in getting planes off the ground for the military or commercial airlines? What about joining the space program? Both are possibilities if you earn a degree in aeronautical or astronautical engineering.

Be prepared to really prove yourself. These programs have notoriously tough requirements for admission. 

  1. Molecular Biology

Molecular biology is a course of study that merges chemistry and biology to develop a better understanding of the cells and molecules that are the foundation of life. You’ll have to study advanced biology and chemistry, biochemistry, ecology, and other high-intensity classes.

  1. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers are in charge of designing and improving products used in health care. Imagine taking some of the most difficult courses in the areas of life science, engineering, and electronics. That’s what you can expect as a biomedical engineering major.

  1. Chemical Engineering

Is it really surprising that the list ends with another STEM major? Chemical engineering is one of the toughest majors you will encounter. You’ll study advanced mathematics, engineering, materials science, and processes, among others. 

These classes will prepare you for a degree to design chemical formulations used in numerous scientific processes.

How to Get Prepared 

It’s possible to increase your chances of succeeding in any major. Be prepared to study hard, and sacrifice some free time for academics. 

Try these other tips as well:

  • Choose a major that aligns with your interests and talents
  • Join a study group for students in your major
  • Organize your time well
  • Ask your professor or TA for help
  • Take advantage of your school’s student support services
  • Use technology to take notes and track your due dates
  • Talk to more experienced students so you know exactly what to expect

If you are still struggling, consider hiring a tutor. A little help from an experienced person can make a big difference.

Build the Right Foundation

Has your school truly prepared you for success in a difficult major? Have you prepared yourself? You will need to prepare yourself with four solid years of core academic classes. That should also include some honors or AP classes.

Don’t forget about your ACT and SAT tests as well. The best schools will expect high scores. If you’re struggling with your test scores, Jantzi is happy to help. 

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