Is there anything American high school students dread more than taking SAT and ACT exams in high school? Colleges confirm or deny admission to millions of students every year, and their SAT/ACT scores have a considerable impact on colleges’ decisions. 

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Moreover, SAT/ACT scores affect which scholarships students are offered. For many students, scholarships mean the difference between going to the particular college of their choice or being relegated to one of their backup schools — or even not going to college at all. 

Because of how important these tests are, many students already seek tutoring to help them prepare for these all-important exams. Why not implement a national student tutoring system to benefit all American high schoolers, so everyone can perform better and have a better chance of ending up in the school of their choice? 

There are four good reasons why a national student tutoring system would be beneficial for all American students:

  1. Tutoring programs are effective 
  2. Tutoring promotes good study habits
  3. Tutoring supports and encourages student learning 
  4. Tutoring boosts student confidence

The idea of a national tutoring system has been gaining interest, particularly since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As options for in-class learning waned, the value of one-on-one remote tutoring became much more apparent to parents and teachers alike.

1. Tutoring Programs are Effective 

Countless studies have shown that tutoring programs effectively improve grades at school and SAT/ACT exam scores. Tutored students consistently score higher in the classroom and testing than their untutored peers. They routinely get offered access to the best schools when admissions time comes around each year. 

Students with a tutor gain both short-term and long-term benefits. With better scores, students are more likely to be competitive for scholarships and college admissions in the short term. 

The long-term advantages of this positioning are hard to understate. Acceptance into a better college provides lifelong benefits and increasing career opportunities as these students age and enter the workforce full time. 

2. Tutoring Promotes Good Study Habits

Studying is a learned skill. Having a tutor can teach students how to be more efficient when they study and how to get the most out of what they read. This skill benefits them in college and for the rest of their lives, as learning becomes easier with improved study skills.  

3. Tutoring Supports and Encourages Student Learning 

Having a tutor gives students the individual attention that they don’t get in a classroom. Some students lose interest in school because they aren’t doing well, not because they aren’t capable. Through support and encouragement, tutors can help students learn better and learn more. 

4. Tutoring Boosts Student Confidence

Having stronger subject comprehension through tutoring gives students greater confidence. Additionally, students who have been tutored are less likely to second-guess themselves or talk themselves out of correct answers on tests. 

There are clear benefits to tutoring students. Instituting a national student tutoring system will allow all American students to benefit from this powerful educational tool. 

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If you’d like professional assistance studying for your exams, work with a certified tutor from Jantzi Test Prep. Schedule a tutoring session today!