Parents Looking for Tutors: How to Support Your Child

As a parent, finding the right balance between encouraging your child’s academic journey and getting overly involved can be difficult. It can be even more challenging when your child is taking specialized academic courses and needs equally specialized assistance.  

If you’re a parent looking for tutors to support your child and watch them flourish academically, signing them up for tutoring and test prep classes is a great place to start. However, that doesn’t mean your involvement in their academic goals should stop.  

How Involved Should Parents Be in Tutoring? 

Should parents still get involved with their children’s studies even after hiring a tutor? While some parents might choose to take a step back, it’s not a good idea to completely withdraw from a child’s learning journey. 

When parents are directly engaged with their kids academically, this involvement can reflect positively on the child’s performance, even when a third party like a professional tutor or test prep class is involved.  

Students who feel supported by their parents tend to have better relationships with their studies and are able to put more energy and time into them. Additionally, a parent can spend time curating their home environment to be calm and relaxing during study time. This type of environment can improve a student’s academic performance.  

Parents Looking for Tutors: How to Support Your Child

Are There Any Drawbacks of Parental Involvement? 

There are many benefits to a parent remaining engaged with their child’s academics. However, there are also certain challenges to be aware of. 

Many parents are already spread thin. They might hire a tutor or test prep service specifically because their work schedule makes it difficult for them to assist with their child’s education directly.  

Another barrier is that many students are studying uncommon subjects or learning at levels that their parents can’t provide insight into.  

It’s also important to note that parents can cause detrimental pressure if they set unreasonable expectations around their children’s academic achievements. In this way, overinvolvement in tutoring can end up hindering their child instead of allowing them to thrive. 

How Jantzi Encourages Parental Participation in Tutoring 

At Jantzi, we believe that getting parents involved can work to support the student’s success. Even if a child is studying subjects or preparing for tests that their parents can’t relate to, they can still encourage their kids to work hard and do their best.  

We help parents support their kids’ academic journeys in a variety of ways. First, you are welcome to request feedback after each session to gain greater insight into your child’s performance and progress. With this feedback, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that your investment in tutoring is achieving both immediate and long-term results.  

We also encourage open communication between parents and our tutors so that we can answer any questions you might have. This includes the ability to request study materials and the details of any assignments for review.   

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