How Can I Practice for the Digital SAT?

As of 2024, taking the SAT digitally will be your only option, but not to worry. It is still a great way to complete this essential exam using your own approved device or one of your school’s devices. While this new version of the SAT takes place in an online format, the process of preparing for it will be very similar to that of the old paper version of the SAT. 

Wondering how to get started with your digital SAT preparation? One of our experienced tutors can help you prepare. You can also find accessible online resources to get a feel for what to expect on the exam. Many of these resources are completely free of charge, including prep materials from high-quality institutions such as the Princeton Review and Khan Academy. Getting ready to score high on the digital SAT has never been more within reach. 

Try Some Sample Test Questions

The layout of the SAT is rather unique compared to many other tests you’ll take in school. This is why trying out some sample questions from practice digital SATs can be so valuable. 

This way, you’ll be able to get a feel for the flow of the exam as well as the types of questions you can expect on test day. Make sure to practice with sample questions that are specifically based on the digital SAT Suite. These will include multiple-choice questions as well as free-response questions. 

Use Full-Length Digital SAT Practice Tests

Example questions are a great place to start as you’re beginning to study for the digital SAT. Once you have a solid handle on the digital SAT layout and contents, try your hand at a full-length practice test specifically based on the digital SAT Suite version. 

These practice tests are available within the same application used to take the official online SAT, so your experience will be very authentic to the real exam. Practice tests through the digital SAT Suite are also available for the PSAT. If you plan to use a paper accommodation on your test day for any reason, you can print full-length practice tests straight from the application. 

Explore Classroom Practice Guides

There are many online resources specifically geared toward educators in order to help their students prepare for the digital SAT. However, you can still access many of these materials as a student during your own prep process. 

Research online guides for classroom practice and test implementation. These guides will include useful information about how the SAT Suite application is laid out, as well as how you can incorporate preparation for the SAT into your general schoolwork. 

Use Question Bank Resources

Another digital SAT resource for educators is the SAT Suite Question Bank, or the SSQB. This platform makes it easy for teachers to customize and assemble practice SAT worksheets for their students or for students to prepare their own practice questions. 

Get Ready for the Digital SAT With Jantzi

Whether you take the SAT digitally or in the traditional format, a great score is essential to college admission. Achieve the score you want with focused, personalized SAT courses from Jantzi or individual SAT tutoring.