The coronavirus outbreak has thrown a major wrench into school, work, and everyday life. If you’re a graduating high school senior, you may be wondering what the pandemic means for your college acceptance. Below, we’ll discuss how to prepare for college during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Standardized Testing Changes

Most universities require you to have excellent SAT and/or ACT scores for acceptance. However, in midst of COVID-19, you may find time slots for these tests filling up quickly due to an increased demand of students who need to take them and limited testing facilities. Be proactive and don’t wait to sign up for these exams to secure your slot.

Another recent development in terms of standardized testing is the removal of SAT Essay and Subject Tests. Learn more about how this change may affect you, here.

College Application Changes

Each college has different requirements for its applications, especially when it comes to COVID-19. Some have waived application fees, while others are waiving the SAT and/or ACT requirement altogether. What’s more, as the state of coronavirus develops, colleges continue to change application requirements in tandem. Be diligent and consistently check for any college application changes that may apply to you.

Take an Online Tour

If you’re quarantining, consider taking online tours of the universities you’re applying to. This will help you get a better idea of the college’s atmosphere while remaining protected from COVID-19. Many universities are offering online tours through their official websites.

Remain Focused on Academics

Although colleges are being more lenient with college applications due to the unprecedented pandemic, it’s more important than ever to obtain a great high school transcript. While on one hand, it’s nice that many usual application requirements are being waived, but that also means there’s more focus on your final grades. Don’t fall behind on your studies, as your transcript will play a big role in your acceptance.

Search for Scholarships

Sadly, the COVID-19 outbreak has put a significant financial strain on many families. Even before the pandemic, college tuition prices were at an all-time high. It’s smart to start early when searching for applicable scholarships. Note that you’re not limited to only one—if you qualify, you could obtain several, which can greatly help your financial standing.

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Work with Jantzi Test Prep

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