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At Jantzi Test Prep, our ACT Prep Tutoring Services can help students improve their scores on the ACT while enhancing their general study habits and test-taking skills. With the importance of this exam in the admissions process for many college programs, students need every advantage they can get. Explore our rates, and schedule tutoring with us today.


$ 50 per hour
  • Great for families with a tight budget
  • Trained in Jantzi’s time-tested "Strategies for Success"
  • 9 Hours: $400 (savings of $50)
  • 18 Hours: $750 (savings of $150)
  • 27 Hours: $1100 (savings of $250)


$ 75 per hour
  • Tutors hand-selected by founder
  • Instructors have at least 100 hours of tutoring experience
  • 9 Hours: $600 (savings of $75)
  • 18 Hours: $1150 (savings of $200)
  • 27 Hours: $1700 (savings of $325)


$ 100 per hour
  • Our most advanced tutoring plan
  • Instructors have at least five years tutoring experience
  • 9 Hours: $800 (savings of $100)
  • 18 Hours: $1550 (savings of $250)
  • 27 Hours: $2300 (savings of $400)

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Why Choose Jantzi Test Prep?

In a word: experience. We have over 30 years of experience in test prep, helping thousands of students find success in the ACT, SAT and more. If this is the first or second time you’ve taken the ACT, then you know how intimidating the process can be—and it’s over in a hurry. Even if it’s your first time taking the exam, it’s important to adequately prepare. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced tutor can help ensure you perform your very best on the day of the test.

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What Is The ACT?

The ACT is a standardized test designed to give colleges and universities a sense of a student’s overall aptitude and preparedness for the next level of education. The test works with four distinct pillars: English, Math, Social Studies, and Natural Sciences. Together, these four areas of testing help create an overall picture of a student’s readiness to take on the college experience.

Why Is The ACT Important?

The ACT is one of the premier college entry exams. Performing well on the ACT can open up doors for admission opportunities, enhancing a student’s chance at getting into the college or university of their choice. Plus, a great score can improve chances of winning scholarships, which can be crucial to make college education affordable.

What Schools Use The ACT For Admission?

In 2011, the ACT surpassed the SAT for most total test-takers across the country. Most colleges and universities a student encounters during the admission process will take ACT scores into account.

Do I Need ACT Prep Tutoring Services?

College admissions and scholarships are highly competitive and growing even more competitive. Students need every advantage they can get. ACT tutoring is one such advantage, helping students to best prepare for this important exam. With more confidence and more skills, a student can improve their performance on the ACT and increase their chances at college success.

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