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Jantzi Test Prep provides expert tutoring and exam preparation services to get students ready for the next level. For prospective law school students, there may be no exam more important than the LSAT—the Law School Admission Test. This challenging and comprehensive test can be trying for even experienced students who have been preparing for quite a while. This is why it’s so important to seek out a tutor that can offer specific and individually-tailored advice along the way. Explore our LSAT Prep Tutoring Services below, and schedule today.


$ 50 per hour
  • Great for families with a tight budget
  • Trained in Jantzi’s time-tested "Strategies for Success"
  • 9 Hours: $400 (savings of $50)
  • 18 Hours: $750 (savings of $150)
  • 27 Hours: $1100 (savings of $250)


$ 75 per hour
  • Tutors hand-selected by founder
  • Instructors have at least 100 hours of tutoring experience
  • 9 Hours: $600 (savings of $75)
  • 18 Hours: $1150 (savings of $200)
  • 27 Hours: $1700 (savings of $325)


$ 100 per hour
  • Our most advanced tutoring plan
  • Instructors have at least five years tutoring experience
  • 9 Hours: $800 (savings of $100)
  • 18 Hours: $1550 (savings of $250)
  • 27 Hours: $2300 (savings of $400)

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Why Choose Jantzi Test Prep?

We’ve been there for countless students in your situation. In addition to helping prospective law school students prepare for the LSAT, we’ve offered guaranteed improvements on college entrance exams like the SAT and the ACT for over 30 years. Our tutors are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of students, skill levels, and strengths. We can help you build the base of knowledge and skills you need to optimize your results on the LSAT.

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What Is The LSAT?

The Law School Admission Test is a long standardized test put on by the Law School Admission Council. The goal of the test is to provide law schools with an examination of each student’s abilities for the skills necessary for the legal profession, including reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, and logical reasoning.

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Why Is The LSAT Important?

The LSAT is an important milestone on the journey to becoming a practicing lawyer, serving as a buffer between college work and post-graduate law school. Because a strong performance on the LSAT demonstrates evidence of aptitude beyond a high grade point average, those who perform well on the LSAT also tend to see greater post-graduate opportunities.

What Schools Use The LSAT For Admission?

According to the LSAC website, “nearly all American Bar Association (ABA)-approved law schools require the LSAT.”

Do I Need LSAT Tutoring Services?

The LSAT is notoriously grueling and challenging, which means that even strong test-takers and those with high grade point averages in undergraduate school should seek to prepare themselves as best they can. LSAT Prep Tutoring Services can go a long way toward preparing you for the specific challenges of this test while helping to reduce the stress that often accompanies the exam.

If you’re ready to prepare for the LSAT under the supervision and guidance of an experienced tutor, schedule LSAT tutoring services with Jantzi Test Prep today.