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Originally known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the SAT has been a standard-bearer in the world of college admissions. Performing well on the SATs can be an essential way to boost a student’s chances at attending the college of their dreams. Jantzi SAT Prep Tutoring Services are designed to help students improve their scores while learning better test-taking skills and study habits that can help them even beyond the exam. Schedule today!


$ 50 per hour
  • Great for families with a tight budget
  • Trained in Jantzi’s time-tested "Strategies for Success"
  • 9 Hours: $400 (savings of $50)
  • 18 Hours: $750 (savings of $150)
  • 27 Hours: $1100 (savings of $250)


$ 75 per hour
  • Tutors hand-selected by founder
  • Instructors have at least 100 hours of tutoring experience
  • 9 Hours: $600 (savings of $75)
  • 18 Hours: $1150 (savings of $200)
  • 27 Hours: $1700 (savings of $325)


$ 100 per hour
  • Our most advanced tutoring plan
  • Instructors have at least five years tutoring experience
  • 9 Hours: $800 (savings of $100)
  • 18 Hours: $1550 (savings of $250)
  • 27 Hours: $2300 (savings of $400)

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Why Choose Jantzi Test Prep?

It comes down to trust. At Jantzi Test Prep, we have 30 years of experience with a strong track record of preparing thousands of students to perform their very best on the SATs. With a personalized plan from a Jantzi tutor, students often see jumps of 100-300 points on the SAT!

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What Is The SAT?

The SAT is one of the oldest and most familiar standardized tests around the United States. Formerly the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the SAT is run by the College Board, which is a non-profit organization. In recent years, the SAT has seen somewhat of an overhaul, with a new version introduced in 2016. The changes in the SAT mean that many old guidebooks and study guides are no longer enough to perform well—a student should work with someone familiar with today’s SAT.

Why Is The SAT Important?

The SAT is one of the premier tests for assessing a college applicant’s knowledge and skills. Testing reading comprehension, writing and language skills, and mathematics, the SAT approaches standardized testing by analyzing a wide range of abilities. And as the SATs and ACTs are the most important college entrance exams for the general population, scoring well on this exam tends to improve a student’s chances for scholarships, college admissions, and more.

What Schools Use The SAT For Admission?

It’s rare to find colleges and universities that don’t take the SATs into consideration for admission. In many schools, such as Harvard, the SATs are required. In other cases, the SATs are recommended or considered. Many high school students should consider a solid score on the SAT a requirement if they want more options for their college career.

Do I Need SAT Prep Tutoring Services?

Only if you want to improve your chances of scoring well on the SAT! An experienced SAT prep tutor can help you handle the wide range of skills and topics that the SAT examines, so you can take exam with confidence.

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