As important as the ACT is, it’s not always easy to study. It’s easier to watch TV or text on the phone than it is to sit down and do the honest prep work needed to perform well on college entrance exams. The same is true for parents who aren’t sure whether to put more pressure on their kids or simply sit back and trust the process. That’s why we’ve put together a brief list of some powerful tips to help the student in your life stop procrastinating from studying and begin preparing for the test.

Create a Visual Reminder

During training, some boxers tape a photo of their opponent to the mirror so that they’re constantly reminded about their goals. The same can be true if the student in your life needs to “knock out” the ACTs soon. A subtle visual reminder—even an inspirational quote—posted above a desk can be a great way to boost motivation and, of course, put a damper on procrastinating from studying.

Create a Studying Playlist

Relaxing music can be a tremendous way to get in the studying mood. The key here is to find music that inspires—but also gets out of the way. Some lyric-heavy music tends to distract from words on the page—words that need to be memorized. But by creating a playlist in advance, it’s easy to sit down, press “play,” and get to work with minimal energy required.

Break the Study Session Into Chunks

When a student tells themselves that they’re going to bunker down, head to the desk, and not leave their room for two hours, it’s no wonder that it’s hard to begin. Who wants to begin that? It only leads to procrastination. It’s better to break up study sessions into individual, “bite-sized” chunks. Not only does this potentially help with recall, but it will ensure a steady stream of energy so that sitting down to study isn’t such a dreaded chore.

Find a New Place to Study

It’s hard to keep out distractions when you sit at the same desk from which you play games, email friends, and otherwise indulge in a thousand distractions. Many experts recommend going to a local library to study, simply to remove those distractions and let the brain know that it’s “time to work.” This psychological effect also takes advantage of the fact that it takes a little bit of investment to go somewhere else. It’s a commitment, which means your student is more likely to follow up with their studies. At home, it’s easy to drop what one’s doing and check the phone or play some music.

Try An ACT Prep Course

But there can be more to this tip than meets the eye. You can accomplish both when you sign your student up for an ACT prep course . Not only does this create a dedicated time slot and effectively end procrastinating from studying, but it also comes with a 100% guarantee that your student will improve their scores. Contact the professionals at Jantzi Test Prep today!