study tipsImproving one’s test scores can feel a bit like trying to run a faster mile: it’s tough to find out how to improve without simply trying harder. That’s when outside help can make a difference. SAT prep courses like those offered here serve as a sort of personal trainer, helping you not only understand the test itself, but to improve the strategies you use to prepare. Here are three SAT study techniques that many prep courses use to help students improve their scores.


Richard Feynman was a Nobel-prize winning physicist, so it’s fair to say he had some insights when it comes to learning. And one of Feynman’s techniques for better learning was not by learning, but by interacting—that is, Feynman would embrace a new concept by trying to explain it to others himself. By utilizing interaction with others, Feynman could identify weak points in his learning that he needed to shore up.

As you might imagine, this same technique is just as valuable for students about to take college entrance exams. Outside interaction is a great way to get feedback, underscoring the missing areas that a student might not notice on their own.

Small Bites At A Time

As a guide at Michigan State University notes, long-term memory is built through patterns, not through cram sessions. A major undertaking like preparing for the SAT can seem like an epic journey. It’s only natural that some students think they have to cram, cram, cram to make that journey work. In truth, one of the most powerful SAT study techniques is to take preparation one step at a time. It’s better for memory retention to review knowledge already learned rather than cramming in new knowledge at the last minute.

An SAT prep course has this tactic built right in, because it won’t request that you bite off more than you can chew. It’s built to work at a manageable speed as a student goes through the process.


This one is more about us and less about you. In other words, it’s how we keep ourselves accountable to the process. By offering the Jantzi Guarantee, we assure you that the student in your life will improve their scores after trying out our prep courses—or your money back.

What can you do to ensure that this technique applies? There are a couple of things:

  • Find a quality guarantee. Some guarantees require that you jump through a dozen hoops before actually applying. Not so at Jantzi Test Prep.
  • Read the fine print. We at Jantzi simply request that your student attend the prep courses and assigned homework (which is not onerous), then take their test within 30 days of completing their course. If there’s no improvement after that, you get your money back.

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Whether you opt for a 4-hour course or a 12-hour course, SAT study techniques can not only boost your student’s ability to take tests, but will help build the right kind of study habits for the next level of their education.

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