Now that you have started your senior year of high school, it can feel like freedom is calling and independence is just around the corner. As you begin to contemplate your next step in life, there are a few things that you should get done during your senior year so you can set yourself up for success no matter where you plan to go after graduation. Here’s your senior year of high school checklist!

Understand Your College Prospects

As you begin to think about college or university, you should take stock of what your grades, budget, and interests are and what sort of college or university would best fit your profile. Take the time to research and make a few preliminary college picks that fit your financial situation, academic record, and all the many other factors that will inevitably affect such a momentous decision.

Consider Your Extracurriculars

Many students that have stellar grades end up falling short in their applications because they simply lack the sort of extracurricular profile that sparks interest in college admissions offices. Search for volunteer opportunities, after-school clubs and organizations you can join if you have not already, and any other activities that you think will highlight your value to admissions officers. If you are already involved in any clubs or organizations at your school, make sure you have wrapped up your involvement in any projects by the end of your senior year and have designated your successors so the organization will survive and thrive in your absence.

Look Everywhere You Can for Scholarships

The best time to start looking for scholarships was probably years ago, and the second-best time to start looking for scholarships is right now! Some scholarship application deadlines are already very close and funding for which you may be completely qualified may already be slipping out of your grasp. Ask your school counselor what sort of scholarship opportunities exist that you can apply for, search online, and look at your prospective colleges for any scholarships they may offer incoming freshman. Your state may offer scholarships as well!

Consider a Part-Time Job

In addition to your extracurricular activities, many colleges will consider your work experience as part of your application, so finding a part-time job is another great way to bolster your chances of admission to your college of choice. And, of course, college can be garishly expensive, and every little bit of extra income can help. If you decide to find a part-time job, make sure that you can successfully perform the work without sacrificing your academic standing or participation in other extracurricular activities.

Seek Letters of Recommendation

If you start seeking your letters of recommendation right now instead of near the end of the school year, you will find that most teachers are more willing to draft a letter since they will not be overloaded with similar requests from your classmates. As the end of the school year draws near, more students will begin seeking letters from their preferred recommenders and you may find that your request for a letter is lost in the chaos. Take the time to seek your letters as early as you can to save you and your recommender the frustration and headache a late request can create.

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