Students in America take the ACT and the SAT at almost the same rate. One isn’t noticeably more popular than the other. Despite this, SAT study prep is more common than ACT. 

If there were significant differences between the two tests, you might assume that the ACT was simply not the kind of test for which you can study. However, that just isn’t the case, the two tests are similar so some mistakenly believe they should only study for one. 

There’s no question you can improve your ACT scores if you engage in the right kind of test prep. So if you’re asking yourself the question, should I study for the ACT? The answer is yes and here is why. 

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Benefits of ACT Test Prep

Many colleges and universities look at your ACT scores when determining whether you meet their criteria for admission. It’s going to be helpful for your overall application packet to have a good score.

Also, take some time to consider the return you’ll get on your investment. You might spend hours each week participating in activities, studying for your classes, doing community service, and boosting your GPA — all to get into a good college. 

Why not do the same prep work for a test score that countless colleges consider vital? Imagine studying an extra hour or so each week to achieve a better ACT score. It’s possible!

Getting the Most out of ACT Test Prep

Studying for your ACT doesn’t need to be painfully time-consuming or difficult. However, you get out of it what you put into it. It’s important to study diligently and effectively. The most successful students take a strategic approach.

First, make a time commitment and stick to it. Don’t overextend yourself. There’s no reason to study for this exam for two hours each night. Instead, set a weekly goal. Then, divide that by the number of days you plan to study each week. That amount is your nightly study commitment.

If you can, take a pretest to set a baseline for yourself. This will help you identify which areas you need to work on. When you study, you want to focus on the subjects that need the most improvement. 

Don’t forget to work on your speed as well. The ACT has time limits, and it will give you confidence if you know you can complete each section on time.

Finally, learn the following strategies:

  • Reading for contextual understanding
  • Finding the best guess answer
  • Narrowing down your options

Now that you’ve set aside the time to study and adopted some useful strategies, consider using some additional helpful resources. These include test preparation guides, books, and other online resources. 

Should I Study for the ACT with a Tutor?

To really boost your chances of earning a high score on the ACT, consider working with a skilled tutor. Someone specializing in ACT prep can help you go over test materials and develop strategies to help you achieve the score you want. If you have taken the ACT previously, your tutor can help ensure your next score is even better. So if you’re asking yourself, should I study for the ACT, contact Jantzi for additional information.