Congratulations! You have been accepted into your AP courses and now you must begin to prepare to take and pass your AP exams. While you may be nervous, many AP students before you have successfully prepared for their exams and passed with flying colors by sticking to a solid study plan and taking advantage of the time they had to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the subject matter. Today we will go over a few tips you can use as you begin to prepare and study for your AP exams!

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Start Studying Right Away!

The most important resource you have as you begin to prepare to take your AP exams is time, so the sooner you begin studying the better! While you may have many activities pulling you in multiple directions, dedicating a substantial amount of time to your study regimen is crucial for your success. Make sure that you avoid waiting until the last minute to begin preparing, and you will save yourself a lot of anxiety and cramming when the test date rolls around.

Develop and Stick to a Study Schedule

Whether you decide to use a prepackaged study course or develop your own studying methodology, be consistent and make sure you stick to your schedule. Countless students fail to realize their potential because they make a schedule and do not follow through on it. Make sure you develop a schedule that is realistic, accounts for the other obligations you have in your life and provides adequate time to cover all the material on which you will be tested.

Take Plenty of Practice Exams

Find practice exams that will allow you to mimic the test day conditions and work your way up to being able to finish an entire practice exam within the allotted time frame. While you may begin your studying by simply working up to being able to finish a practice exam entirely without skipping questions, eventually you should be able to complete practice exams within the given time and within the given test conditions. Ideally, you would find a space that is quiet and cleared of distractions and time yourself with a stopwatch to make sure you are keeping pace as you answer questions.

Use Actual AP Materials!

One of the most effective study methods for any standardized test, whether it is the SAT, ACT, or AP Examinations, is to use prior test questions and materials when you study. Many test prep companies will provide you materials like the official test questions, but it will be difficult to accurately prepare if you are not using the actual test materials. Being able to practice answering questions that have been presented on prior examinations will not only help you understand the specific content most likely to show up on the test but will also acclimate you to the style and format of the questions. The more comfortable you are with the subject matter and form of the test, the better off you will be on test day.

Build Your Study Plan Efficiently

Even if you have months in which to study, other school obligations and extracurricular activities will quickly eat away at that time, so it is important to structure your study plan in an efficient manner. Most importantly, do not overload your study plan with material you already understand. Target the topics that are most likely to appear on the test by proportioning your study time to reflect the relative weight of each topic. Additionally, expose yourself to those topics with which you feel least comfortable, and study more familiar topics with an eye towards reinforcing your knowledge rather than building it during your study session.

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