What Should My Study Schedule Be?

Students know that studying is essential for success on exams. However, crafting a schedule for studying that maximizes your time and energy can be a challenge, especially if you’re balancing multiple subjects at once.  

If you’re struggling to keep up with a demanding courseload or need help preparing for a specific exam, signing up for test prep or tutoring should be your first step. Once you have the support of the pros on your side, you’ll be better equipped to build a study schedule that works for you and your goals.  

Tips for Students Creating a Study Schedule  

Not sure how to get started creating a study schedule? Whether you’re preparing for final exams, the SAT, or another significant test, these tips can help set you up for success.  

Make Use of Daylight Hours 

Your body follows a circadian rhythm, and your brain usually wants to wind down and prepare for sleep once the sun has gone down. This is why you may find it difficult to focus when you’re studying at night. Take advantage of your brain’s natural preferences and try to schedule as much of your study time during the day as possible. 

Organize Study Materials by Date and Importance 

If you’re an ambitious student, you may have multiple exams coming up at any given time. This can make creating a study schedule feel overwhelming. Take the time to rank your upcoming tests by date as well as importance so you can organize your schedule accordingly.  

For example, if two exams are coming up on roughly the same date, you can dedicate more study time per day to the test that’s more important for your future goals.  

What Should My Study Schedule Be?

Schedule Solo Study After Tutoring or Test Prep Class 

Taking test prep classes or tutoring with Jantzi is a great way to increase your academic performance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t study on your own in addition to your classes and tutoring sessions. You’re much more likely to retain the information if you schedule this solo time immediately following your Jantzi class.  

Keep Your Study Times Consistent  

The more you’re able to create a consistent routine around studying, the easier it will be to stick to the habit. Make your study time a nonnegotiable and stick to it each day for at least one month. Once you’ve done this, your brain will be accustomed to it, and you won’t have to exercise as much willpower to stay on schedule. 

Avoid Going Over Two Hours Per Day on Any Subject 

Once you surpass roughly two hours on the same subject, you’ll likely get diminishing returns as your brain will be tired of the same material. Avoid the need for cramming by studying a little bit of each subject each day rather than going for hours straight in the days before the exam.  

Boost Your Academic Potential With Jantzi Test Prep 

The test prep pros at Jantzi can help you with more than the material on your exams. We’ll create customized study structures that work with your needs and schedule. Check out our test prep classes and private tutoring services today.