You spend most of the year in school and during that time, you work hard to maintain a good GPA and take part in activities. Do you really need to sacrifice your summers to get into a good college as well?

Well, sacrifice is a strong word. Instead, you should set aside some time to follow these 5 summer tips for school, to make the best use of your summer for college prep. And you’ll still have plenty of time left over for fun and socialization.

  1. Schedule Some Campus Tours

Do you have your shortlist of colleges ready? Summer is the perfect time to arrange some campus tours. There are fewer people on campus, so you won’t feel as rushed. This is a great time to take a look at your potential dorm room. Also, you may be able to spend an extra day or two visiting the nearby town to get a feel of what life might be like.

While summer is a fun time to tour your school of interest, make sure that you’re there while summer classes are in session. That way, you can meet with faculty and ask questions about the school.

  1. Get Your Volunteer Hours In

When you dedicate time to volunteering, you help others and expand your horizons. Those are the intrinsic rewards that come with community service. Additionally, many colleges and universities look favorably on students who include volunteer experience on their admissions applications.

Some high schools have even begun to make community service a graduation requirement. If yours does, summer is the perfect time to catch up on those required hours.

  1. Take a College Class

Yes, you can probably take a college class, even if you’re still a high school student. Start with your local community college or public university. They may have a dual enrollment program that allows students like you to take a class and get a jump on your college credits.

If this isn’t an option for you, try taking an online course. Check out learning platforms like Sophia, Udemy or Coursera. Many offer college-level coursework that you can take for free or at very discounted prices.

  1. Go to Camp

How about going to camp? No, not the camp that involves s’mores and making lanyards. Instead, look for a summer enrichment camp to help you develop new skills and refresh what you already know. 

You can find camps for:

  • Engineering
  • Math and science
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Art

Like dual credit courses, you can often find these camps through your local college or university.

  1. Stock Up on Dorm Supplies

Are you heading to school in the fall? Get an early summer start on shopping for small appliances, bedding, and other necessities. Make sure to coordinate with your roommates so you don’t buy duplicates.

Don’t Forget Test Prep

Now that it’s summer, you don’t have to spend hours in school every day. That’s a relief, but have you considered what you can do with an hour or two each week of test prep or tutoring? 

Jantzi can help with that and still leave you plenty of time to spend with your friends. Contact us for more information.