If you’re applying for college, you’ll want to take one or more college prep tests (SAT, ACT, GRE, etc.) and these most popular subjects for tutors are ones students struggle with most. These tests are notoriously difficult and stressful, yet they have a huge impact on your life. Your test score can determine what colleges grant you admission and what scholarships you might receive.

In turn, these are factors that will affect the course of the rest of your life. For example, you need to go to law school to be a lawyer, but you likely won’t be admitted without a good LSAT score, so you can’t become a lawyer without one.

Given these factors, many students opt for a tutor to improve their test scores.

If you’d like professional assistance studying for the SAT or ACT, work with a certified tutor from Jantzi Test Prep. Schedule a tutoring session today!

Having a Tutor Provides an Edge

Tutoring services do more than improve students’ knowledge of test subjects. Tutors teach students the tips and tricks to apply what they already know to a testing format or guess well when they don’t know the answer. 

If testing makes you nervous, a tutor can help you practice testing and skills to manage anxiety. Tutors also help you improve your study skills, which will help you in college. 

What Test Subjects Do Tutors Cover?

To figure out the best test or tests for you to take, you’ll have to consider several factors, including what tests the schools you want to get into prefer, the scholarships you seek, and the major you want. Each of the main tests has a slightly different focus. The main test are:

  • SAT
  • PSAT
  • LSAT
  • ACT
  • GRE

No matter which tests you want to take, having a tutor can help you improve your results.

SAT Tutoring 

Many students may struggle with some common concepts on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), which is designed to test for math, reading comprehension, writing, and language skills, including the often-confusing analogies (which many students dread!)

PSAT Tutoring 

Many students take the Preliminary SAT, or PSAT, in 11th grade in high school. It covers the same subjects as the SAT does, and National Merit Scholarships are based on PSAT results.   

LSAT Tutoring 

Students wanting to apply to law school take the Law School Admission Test (or LSAT). This test measures analytical thinking, critical reading, and verbal reasoning. 

ACT Tutoring 

The American College Test, or ACT, covers mathematics, English, reading, and science. It and the SAT are the two most common tests for college admissions boards to consider when evaluating students. 

GRE Tutoring 

Known for its inclusion of obscure and difficult vocabulary, the Graduate Record Exam or GRE test measures college-level verbal and quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills. 

Most often, students who want to pursue entering professional schools (such as business or law) or a master’s degree program take the GRE test. Though the GRE shares some similarities with the SAT, it is considered to be harder.

Regardless of which test or tests you take, having a tutor will help you build your knowledge base, and it will help you develop your study and test-taking skills.

Work With a Jantzi Test Prep Tutor

If you’d like professional assistance studying for your exams, work with a certified tutor from Jantzi Test Prep. Schedule a tutoring session today!