Tutoring as a Valuable Resource for Diverse Learners

High school is meant to prepare you for college, imparting the foundational knowledge that will help you move into a major course of study and launch your career. However, even accomplished high school students may struggle when it comes to exams — especially high-stakes entrance exams that can impact admission to their top schools. 

Students come from diverse backgrounds shaped by unique experiences. Each has specific strengths and challenges related to achieving academic success. In addition, students learn at their own pace and have individual approaches to the learning process. One approach isn’t necessarily better than another — they’re just different. 

Naturally, this variety of learning styles presents some hurdles in the classroom, where teachers must follow a set curriculum and guidelines for teaching methodology. The result is that diverse students may slip through the cracks.  

When it comes to essential test prep, tutoring can be a valuable resource for helping students absorb information, develop critical thinking skills, build confidence, and reach their potential. 

Why Do Students Struggle With Exams? 

Tutoring as a Valuable Resource for Diverse Learners

Studying can be a chore, especially when you struggle to focus, retain facts, and reason through problems. Why is it so difficult? Several factors could contribute to the challenges of studying for tests in general, not to mention major exams like the SAT and ACT. 

Different Learning Styles 

Individual students learn in different ways. In mathematics, some students might do fine with traditional approaches. Some might do better with problem-based learning that explores concepts collaboratively, while others require experiential lessons to excel. 

Some students may flourish with inquiry-based instruction that helps to stimulate curiosity and generate enthusiasm and engagement. Students have the best opportunity to learn and succeed when they play to their strengths rather than grappling with a learning framework that doesn’t make sense to them and leaves them frustrated. 

Trouble Staying Organized 

It’s not unusual for teens and young adults to experience difficulties staying organized and on track. Many students are among the 15 to 20% of people in the world who exhibit some type of neurodiversity. Students may also come from hectic or unsupportive households, or they’d simply rather play video games or hang out with friends than study.  

All of these factors can naturally lead to challenges for students when it comes to exam preparation. 

Test Anxiety 

The number of students suffering from anxiety related to testing could be as high as about 40%. In other words, test anxiety is not uncommon. This anxiety might stem from general pressure to succeed, or it might be based on past test performance, among other factors. 

Whatever the reason for test anxiety, it can impair students during the testing process. One way to combat this problem is by building confidence in students’ abilities and preparedness through targeted tutoring. 

Choose Tailored Tutoring Solutions 

The right tutoring solutions, tailored to individual needs and learning styles, can help students overcome the challenges and barriers holding them back academically. The best tutors not only understand their subject but craft individual solutions that help students succeed. Explore private tutoring services to find the best options for diverse learners.