In preparing your child for the SATs, you’ll likely conclude there are two options for optimized preparation: test courses and private tutoring. Either choice would be a help. But budgetary concerns, scheduling issues, and a range of other ways in which life gets in the way means you might be forced to choose between the two. So, which is better for your student and situation—an SAT prep course or tutoring for SAT preparation? Here’s a look at both.

SATs & Private Tutoring

The advantages of private tutoring are obvious. Private tutoring means specialized attention—the kind of attention you can’t get anywhere else. With that specialized attention comes a customized plan for preparation. Your child’s strengths and weaknesses will be identified quickly, and each new lesson will include ways of shoring up those weaknesses.

Private tutoring for SAT preparation also has the built-in advantage of accountability. When a student is accountable to meet with an individual for their study sessions, it is much more difficult to back out. The usual study or review can be put off until later at night—even postponed until a late-night crash the night before the big exam. But when a tutor expects to see your student, that accountability means that each lesson is more likely to take place. That leads to more consistency, which in turn builds results.

SAT Prep Courses

SAT Prep Courses also help build consistency—a student is expected to attend each of the courses to meet the conditions of an accountability guarantee.

Do you lose some of the tailored appeal that comes with private tutoring? Of course. But quality SAT Prep Courses have the added benefit of fitting within a more limited budget. They can impart plenty of knowledge and skill required to do well on the SAT without breaking the bank.

Given what you know about private tutoring and prep courses, which is the one for you?

Choosing Between Two Strong Options

There are a few considerations you’ll need to be aware of as you make your decision:

  • Although a private tutor can be much more affordable than you might imagine, the SAT prep course can be a tremendous bargain. It offers hours upon hours of classwork specifically aimed for the SAT without the same financial commitment.
  • A private tutor tends to be more willing to cater to your schedule. A SAT prep course can’t. That’s the reality of hosting an entire class.
  • Your child likely responds to a certain type of preparation better than the other. Don’t leave them out of the equation. If the accountability of a private tutor is necessary, it might be worth the extra investment. If they’ve thrived in a classroom environment, the test prep course will suit them just as well.

Seek The SAT Experts

Whether you decide on classes or tutoring for SAT preparation,  you’ll have an action plan for increased success. All that’s required is registering. With the experienced tutors and teachers at Jantzi Test Prep, we’ll take care of the rest—all of it backed by our high-accountability guarantee.