The DSST stands for DANTES Subject Standardized Tests. DANTES is a part of the US Department of Defense (DOD), known as the Defense Activity for Nontraditional Educational Support. 

DSST examinations are a series of standardized tests that were first created to allow military personnel to earn college credit. Now, these tests are available to anyone who wishes to take them.

The DOD covers the cost of testing for military members and veterans. In some cases, they may also reimburse proctoring and testing center fees. Civilians must pay a standard $85 fee per exam.

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Why Take the DSST?

Students can save time and money by taking the DSST exam. A college or university class can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to take. That’s in addition to dedicating several hours per week for anywhere between eight and sixteen weeks. 

Compare that to the cost of taking the DSST, and it’s easy to see why many students take this option.

Who Should Take the DSST?

The DSST is available for military members, veterans, traditional and non-traditional students, and graduate school candidates who need to gain certain undergraduate credits. The criteria are pretty open, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all students should take these exams. At least, they shouldn’t attempt them without preparation.

Students must have subject matter knowledge to pass these tests. They can gain this knowledge through work experience, training courses they have taken in the military or elsewhere, or by reviewing the study guides that are available for these subjects. Most people can’t simply walk into these exams and pass the test without that preparation.

DSST Resources

There are many resources available to those who are interested in taking a DSST exam. Students in college or plan to enroll should start by contacting their school of choice. Once they do, they can gather the following information:

  • Whether the school has a DSST testing center
  • When testing is performed
  • The number of credit hours accepted
  • Whether the college accepts DSST credits at all and how they apply them

If a student’s preferred school doesn’t proctor these exams, that’s no problem. Many colleges and universities serve as open testing centers. Anyone can take the exam there, as long as they pay the fees. The testing school will send the results to any other school.

Study Guides and Practice Tests

Students who want to study prior to attempting a DSST exam can access a range of study guides and practice tests online. These are available through private study centers, colleges and universities, and the official DSST website. Many of these resources are free for military members and veterans. 

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